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    Nutrition Challenges

    Our commitment to your success is unwavering, which is why we run three group challenges per year. These challenges are designed to not only push you towards your goals but create a supportive and positive community with like minded people. Once you start with Nutrition By Michelle there will always be a program available to support & guide you on your journey to creating the best version of you! I am here for you every step of the way.

    A look into a year with Nutrition By Michelle


    4 Weeks to Healthy Living

    Simplify your meal planning and remove the hassle of not knowing what to eat daily with the help of Nutrition By Michelle. I will do the planning for you creating detailed menu plans each week based around whole foods that you can find at your local grocery store.With easy to follow menu plans and step by step instructions you will be well on your way to reaching your health goals whether that be to slim down, maintain your currently weight or change your body composition.

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    Spring Shape Up
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     Self Guided Nutrition Program

    $249 - 4 Weeks
    Weeks 1-4

    Are you looking to revitalize your nutrition? Nutrition By Michelle is here to help. Our programs provide weekly menu plans, a complete grocery list, and three new recipes based on whole foods each week. This is a weight loss program to help you achieve your health goals. I am committed to making healthy eating easy and enjoyable, which is why I have designed recipes that are both nutritious and delicious, using whole foods that are readily available at your local grocery store. I do the work for you of calculating your macros and serving sizes. All you need to do is prepare your food and follow our easy to follow meal plan. 

    The 4-Week Nutrition Program Includes:

    • 4 weeks of step-by-step menu plans
    • 3 new recipes each week
    • Weekly grocery lists
    • Food swapping sheet to make swaps due to allergies and/or dislikes
    • Weekly weigh in tracking sheet

    This program is easy to modify for gluten and dairy free.

    **NOTE: this program is not a Vegetarian program or meant for anyone with a large amount of allergies.

     Self Guided Nutrition Program

    $295 - 8 weeks
    Weeks 5-12 (Follows Weeks 1-4)

    The first 4-weeks are just the beginning, and I would love for you to continue your journey of health by joining the next 8-week program as a continuation to weeks 1-4.  I will introduce something called “Check Box Eating” where you an design your own days but you will still be provided with full 4-day menu plans each week. Note: you must complete weeks 1-4 before moving onto this continuation.


     One-On-One Nutrition Consultation

    $100 - 60 minutes
    30 minutes for $50

    Have you been given guidelines or have questions about your nutrition?  This 1-hour session is to go over your nutrition, goals and my recommendations which may include macro calculations, recipes, etc.  Please email me at to book your consultation appointment with Michelle Lentz, NC.  These appointments are by phone or zoom.


     Nutrition Consultation for Sports Teams

    $100 + mileage

    Do you have a sports team that could use some help with their nutrition to bring their performance to the next level?  I would love to come talk to your team for a 1-hour educational session on what they should be eating to fuel their bodies, their macros, pre/post game nutrition, hydration.  Nutrition is the key to preforming as the best athlete you can possibly be.


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