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"This program worked incredible for me"

Our family started with Michelle in Jan 2019. My wife suggested we try one of her challenges to get some new recipes and ideas for supper and I thought I’d appease her by going along. Well this decision would change my adult life.

I weighed in at 268 lbs on day one and thought If I dropped 10 lbs I’d be lucky. The first week was the toughest just trying to fight my thoughts of “I need more”. My stomach was actually fine but my brain was telling me I needed to eat more. My wife kept me on track and we followed the weeks plan to a “T”. To my surprise I was down 7 lbs the first week and from then on, I was all in!!!

The challenge worked so well for me. The food was GREAT and the support, stories, and questions on the Facebook page helped me and encouraged me. I continued with an extension after the original challenge and kept hitting goal after goal.

Our family took a 3 week holiday to Europe during the program. I talked to Michelle before I left and asked what I should do. She was so encouraging about going and ENJOYING my time with family and encouraged me to eat the food I wanted. I tried to watch what I ordered a bit, but I did consume my share of Nutella filled crepes at 10pm. I remember coming home on the plane feeling “Heavy”. I was a bit ashamed so I called Michelle to see how to get back on track. She suggested a certain week from her program and I got started. I was 6 lbs heavier than when I left but by the end of that first week I had lost 10 lbs!

Michelle is all about balance. Make healthy choices 80% of the time, and go and enjoy what you want 20%. If things get off track (like this Christmas season) just pick a week and let your body get back on track. By June 2019 I weighed in at 202 lbs. I haven’t been that weight since Grade 10! I now play with my girls more, I’m not tired, I don’t get winded tying my shoes, I drink less coffee, I feel more confident.... I could go on for days.

This program worked incredible for me and I owe Michelle, (and my wife), for getting me started. Do yourself a favor and sign up. Get started, fight through the mental demons the first few days, and then you’re on your way!!!

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