Join A Four Week Nutrition Challenge

    Fit For Fall 28 Day Nutrition Challenge

    Starts September 23, 2024

    Challenge Details

    • Menu plans designed weekly using 3 NEW recipes with step by step instructions
    • Weekly grocery lists
    • Access to our private Facebook group to connect with other participants, be motivated and receive unwavering support
    • Complimentary work outs to help you stay active.
    • Access to our exclusive online Portal system to track your progress, log your daily success, access your meal plans
    • Adaptable to your own goals whether that is weight loss, change body composition or maintain weight and improve overall health
    • Male and Female menu plans 
    • Chance to win incredible prizes in a variety of categories
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    Creating the BEST version of YOU!
    I can help you with your nutrition & teach you how to fuel your body.
    Eating healthy can taste so good
    Step by step menu plans created new each week includes a variety of foods and recipes.
    A private online portal to access your meal plans, program information and track your success.
    You will be part of positive and supportive community. I am here for you every step of the way.
    Multiple amazing prizes to be won in a variety of categories.
    A variety of workouts are provided by certified trainers. These work outs are optional and can be modified to any skill level.

    Start Your Health Journey with Nutrition By Michelle

    Nutrition By Michelle programs are adaptable to your specific goals, whether that is weight loss, maintaining your current weight, body composition changes or weight gain. No matter what YOUR goals are, I am here to help you reach them while teaching you how to fuel your body with whole foods. My programs are designed using a set 'baseline' that I increase according to your individual goals, activity level, height & weight. The baseline pre designed menu plans allow me to do the planning for you, no more counting calories or macros. With my programs you will enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious meals.
    Weight Loss
    You would like to lose a small or large amount of body weight to find optimal health.
    Maintain Current Weight
    You have met your goal weight and are wanting to maintain your current weight while eating whole foods. I will increase your calories, based on your body weight and fitness level to ensure you are getting enough calories in your day to fuel your body.
    Weight Gain
    This requires to be in a calorie surplus. I will increase your calories based on your current weight and your goals.
    Change in Body Composition and Maintain Weight
    This means you need to eat at maintenance, but you are currently weight lifting and want to build muscle while maintaining your current body weight. You body composition will change by building muscle, burning fat mass (muscle weighs more than fat) and your body will become more defined and toned.
    For the Recipe's and Not Weighing In
    You Love Nutrition by Michelle recipes and want to grow your collection? This focus is just to receive all the program information, but choosing not to participate in the weigh ins.

    8 Week Fall Continuation Program

    Anyone who is enrolled in the Fit For Fall Nutrition Challenge will have the option to continue their healthy lifestyle journey. The 8 Week Fit For Fall Continuation is designed to keep you on track with weekly menu plans, accountably and keep you working towards your own goals.

    Program Fee: $215.00 (Including tax)

    You have 2 ways to register for the 8-Week Fit For Fall Continuation

    • Option 1: Add the 8 Week Continuation onto your registration
    • Option 2: In week 3 of the 28 Day Fit For Fall Challenge you will have the option to register for the Fall Continuation
        Member Review
    I first joined the Nutrition by Michelle challenge in May of this year and have now completed 3 challenges. I am so thrilled with the results in weight loss but more importantly to me is the difference in the pain level from my arthritis. My joints just don't hurt like they use to which proves that sugar does cause inflammation. I have really enjoyed having my meal and snacks planned out for me and the meals have been delicious. Michelle really knows how to use spices to enhance the flavours in her meals. I highly recommend the Nutrition by Michelle program and look forward to the next challenge.
    The Challenge
    If you're searching for a nutrition program that can assist you in creating a healthier lifestyle, look no further. I can provide you with the guidance you need to begin your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself, one bite at a time.
    Nutritional Portal
    All registered participants will have access to our exclusive NBM Portal which makes it easy to track your progress, log your daily success, access your menu plan, complete your weekly accountability check in. All of your program information in one easy to navigate location.
    Your Fitness
    Each nutrition challenge includes a variety of complimentary workouts to help you stay active and push you to reaching your goals. These work outs are optional and can be modified to any skill level. 
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